Our full size kiosks are extremely stable, and generally do not require any additional items for installation. They have a supportive base that allows the unit to stand freely and securely. Our Desktop Station, given its smaller size, comes with a couple different options for installation. We offer add-ons such as wall mounting brackets and pedestal stands for optimal display.

People are typically less sensitive with products that are not their own. To account for this, we made it easy to change a cable by simply unscrewing 2 phillips screws from inside of the kiosk, removing the damaged cable, and plugging in the new cable.

Yes! Each station can be wrapped to provide additional enhanced brand exposure.

Our stations typically can charge up to 12 devices at one.

Our Charging Stations are set to charge a device for up to 1 hour. The time it takes to charge your device will depend on the quality of your phone. Most devices charge at the same rate that it takes using a standard outlet.

Generally, we suggest keeping the charging capabilities of a charging station free, as the opportunity for sponsorships is significantly more profitable than charging individuals to charge their phones. We do, however, provide Charging Solutions pay-for-use options as well.

We offer Charging Solutions that offer a variety of unique services. These range from Desktop Stations that can be wall-mounted at a venue, to Large Screen and Touch Screen options, ideal for trade-shows. Please see our Charging Solutions page to see which solution may work best for you.

Yes! Simply plug in the Pocket Rocket into any standard USB adapter or your computer.

Yes! Each Pocket Rocket will be pre-charged, allowing you immediate usage of the device.

Instead of plugging your mobile device into a an outlet of a computer, to use the Pocket Rocket simply insert the USB into Pocket Rocket, and the charging cord applicable to your phone into your mobile device.

The Pocket Rocket is a mobile extended battery pack that allows your clients to charge their devices on the go. We offer customizable branding on the device to offer maximum brand exposure your clients.

One of our professionally trained will staff the booth at your event.

The entire configuration is powered by one standard 3-prong outlet.

The Concierge Station fits under a standard 6 ft. table.

Each Concierge Station can charge up to 45 electronic devices at a time.