Hoboken411 reader Jennifer shared this video with us this afternoon, a CNG Charging Station – which is all about charging your cell phone at a bar or restaurant.

“Why”with all of the bars/restaurants in Hoboken, have I not seen these! What a great thing for Hoboken watering holes to have for their customers!!!! It’s such an obvious convenience for patrons. Wish I thought of it!”

As you can see in the video – it’s a “pay for charge” station, with every known wire dangling from it. My guess is it’s probably like $5 for like 10 minutes of charge.

I suppose if you were in a bind, getting 5-10% of charge back might be worth it. Otherwise, you’d be better off being prepared with your own spare USB battery pack.

I wonder how “idiot proof” these kiosks are. I can see some tool drunk on Red Bull & Vodkas ripping all the wires out and smashing the LCD brainwashing advertising screen.

This thing may be a fad that will only be short-lived – because in a couple years, all phones will have wireless charge capability.

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